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Hola! Hi, I'm Andrea Miele, I love my job and I put all my passion into it, years of study have led me to be a professional in the sector, the art of cutting Jamon with a knife is a cult in Spain where from the farm to the table Strict regulations must be respected.

Enjoying a good pata negra depends on many factors but the most important is the hand of the cortdor.

Trust a professional and discover the taste, history and art behind a Pata Negra.

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Who I am

Hi, I'm Andrea Miele, a cutter of Iberian ham "Pata Negra", the best ham in the world, one of the pillars of Spanish gastronomic culture and among the best in the world like Kobe meat, oysters and caviar.

I am a Cortador de Jamon and a Ham Sommelier.

Andrea Miele - Cutting the pata negra


2012- to date


I designed and managed a Gourmet Jamoneria, selecting the best pata negra and creating tapas and montadidos with them for my customers, I created one of the best places in the south of Tenerife which still lives on the research work done, today I am in Italy with the hope of bringing this product to the best venues in Rome and beyond.


Pata negra cutting study and course

After moving to Spain I dedicated myself to the study and practice of cutting pata negra, discovering a world of culinary wisdom and the art of preparation from breeding to the plate.



Creator and creator in Rome of a fast food chain dedicated to the Hotdog, a simple product which hides a varied possibility of combinations, I have developed and researched the best sauces in the world to make a poor product a Gourmet product.

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